Partnering with you to orientate your business and teams to the new way of working

As a business leader, you have to make some really tough decisions – about your business and your employees – with no roadmap of the future. You’re operating under high stress with added Covid-related responsibilities. You’re redefining your business model and looking for new and agile ways of working in order to thrive in the new future.

I understand business and I understand people. I can help you take care of your employee challenges within the bigger strategic business context, so that you can work towards an exciting, sustainable and profitable future.

A seasoned professional with more than 35 years’ experience in all aspects of Human Resources, Sales, Operations and Senior Management, I can assist you with:

  • The planning and practical implementation of business strategy

  • The emotional and procedural issues of retrenchment

  • Implementing new structures, job roles and responsibilities

  • Reconnecting and building positive engagement with your employees

  • Building authentic empowered teams, whilst working remotely and in a constantly changing environment.

My expertise extends to leadership development, communication and connection coaching, transition management and productivity, both locally and internationally.


Helping senior management and teams stay efficient, connected and productive in remote working environments.


Supporting management in times of stress and uncertainty in order to lead with inspiration and build a culture of agility.


Keeping objectives clear and employee  morale and motivation high when it’s needed most.


Strategies for adapting to a world that is constantly changing; yet ensuring team efficiency, motivation and best practice.

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“I worked with Lindsay for over 18 years and besides having the biggest heart I know, there is one thing about Lindsay that stands out; she understands people… a gift that allows her to be truly empathetic and connect with others.”

Head of Pam Golding Franchise Services
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